Managing international delivery

McArthurGlen is a fashion retail outfit with physical locations and digital presences across Europe. Our mission has been to deliver a strategy for Pan-European Search activity. Success is measured through an uplift of footfall to the various centres, site traffic in all territories and flexible unification of the various marketing efficiencies across the group.

The challenge

We think it speaks volumes that our paid and technical teams have quietly and diplomatically worked with multiple stakeholders to create integration across different cultural, language, marketing and economic nuances.

This is a more complex task than a few words can convey, but in a nutshell we’ve worked with 4 different creative marketing agencies, across multiple countries, to deliver pan-European paid and natural search around one centralised strategy.

Couple that achievement with technically managing the transition from 24 centre-specific sites to one domain with country and centre-specific folders, and you get an idea of the complexity our team is well-versed in managing.

The approach

Paid media

One of our characteristics is the art of speaking plainly. It doesn’t always offer the easiest path, but it often leads to the greatest efficiencies and results. Recommending that we manage a centrally delivered campaign, with a consistent approach across multiple markets for both paid activity and SEO felt obvious.

For paid search, this meant that we provided ‘always on’ campaigns for all centres and delivered a constant flow of database entries. More broadly it meant that we were able to see the bigger picture and advise on how best to support in-centre promotions, events and other marketing via SEO and PPC, so that marketing spend was being used smartly and efficiently.

And we were laser focused on who we were targeting.

For McArthurGlen’s European PPC, we developed and implemented a unified global strategy. This encompassed:

We worked extensively to identify an expansive range of keyword types – all relevant to the different markets and outlet locations. And then we then targeted customers based on their physical location and search intent, crafting tailored ad copy for each.

Knowing that running such a high volume of search campaigns across so many different markets, efficiencies could only be gained with a strategic use of technology, we implemented common technologies and processes across all markets.

Engaging with marketing teams across all territories and centres allowed us to access their in-store marketing and events plans, which enabled us drive search amplification, whilst meeting our KPIs.

Finally, we complemented all this with Facebook advertising to target key customers that we’d identified.


We have created a strategy that consolidated the many lower-authority outlet sites under a single, centralised domain. A full redirect strategy was put into place to ensure a smooth transition to the new domain, and that the authority of the many domains was transferred into the new centralised one.

Site architecture that allowed the site to rank for a full breadth of keywords, in multiple markets and languages was recommended, allowing the new site to capture visitors all along the purchase journey; from someone searching for a brand’s outlet, i.e. ’ted baker outlet’, to visitors searching locally, i.e. ‘ted baker outlet Ashford’. This second example saw us take full advantage of Google’s country-level geo-targeting and its increasing geographical personalisation within a market.

The strategy around this single, much stronger domain has seen increased natural visibility and traffic across all the markets in which McArthurGlen operates, and is supported by link building by us and in-house teams in different countries.

The results

Our work with McArthurGlen has led to recognition on an international and industry scale. Together we’ve won Best Pan European Campaign at the EU Search Awards, and our relationship continues five years on…