Long Tall Sally

Made Tall

Our latest brief, in this longstanding relationship, was to develop a campaign for the US and the UK that would drive 400% ROI and over 1,500 new customers to the site.

The challenge

Ever since we started working with the Long Tall Sally brand in 2014, we’ve loved what they do – making girls who can feel awkward about their height feel, well, brilliant. For our Made Tall campaign, we wanted to capture this emotion in a way that would appeal to both US and UK audiences, while meeting Long Tall Sally’s commercial goals of driving 400% ROI and generating 1,500 new customers.

Our approach

We noticed that there was a whole segment of tall women who just weren’t aware of the Long Tall Sally offering. This group – the ‘Status Seekers’ – love their height, love fashion, love to spend on their appearance. So this represented an opportunity to tap into a high revenue audience whilst putting celebration at the heart of the campaign.

Made Tall began with a very simple thought: to make Long Tall Sally to tall women what haute couture is to supermodels, and bring out that statuesque pride.

We trust you! Camilla Treharne, Long Tall Sally Creative Director


For all women the way that clothes are presented is universal – the ever present shop window mannequin – an impossible, idealised and unattainable view of the female form. Our idea was to create a mannequin that was based upon a real woman and by engaging with Long Tall Sally’s customers, and making them feel great about their height and their bodies.

Our Made Tall campaign incorporated:

  • A world first! We decided to 3D scan and print a mannequin based on a real Long Tall Sally customer. This gave us a standout piece of content to promote and amplify
  • A content hub explaining why it’s important that clothes are designed specifically for tall women
  • A video outlining the evolution of mannequins, to sit on the content hub and link to the other components

The results

The results were astounding and exceeded our expectations – with coverage in the Huffington post, The Times, The Telegraph, on the Today Show and our hero shot appearing on a billboard in Times Square.

As well as seeing an uplift in brand visibility in search we pushed key terms, such as ‘tall dresses’ and ‘jeans for tall women’, moving several places to the top of search rankings. Moving the brand to top the top of search and top of customers’ minds has built a trusted and creative relationship between us and Long Tall Sally. We continue to be Long Tall Sally’s lead global creative and PR agency and are genuinely excited about a partnership that is aligned around being proud of your size.

We’re also pretty thrilled about the incredible results we’ve achieved for Long Tall Sally:

  • A huge 729% ROI
  • 199 pieces of coverage
  • 258 links (with an average domain authority of 60)
  • 253m online readership
  • 1.58m estimated coverage views
  • 3,628 social shares
  • Target keywords increased position

The campaign won PRMoment’s Health, Beauty, Retail & Fashion Marketing Communications Campaign of the Year, the Best Use of PR in a Search Campaign Award at the European Search Awards, the Best Use of Content Award at The Drum Search Awards, a Certificate of Excellence at The Sabre Awards EMEA and Silver for Best Digital and Social Campaign of the Year at the PRCA’s DARE Awards.

I’m proud of you guys! Andrew Shapin, Long Tall Sally CEO