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The Seeker goes manga

The Seeker is our brand sprite and totem. We decided to return to the streets of Tokyo and trace his origins.
With a little help from Manga artist Inko.

By Andy McLane

15 March 2017

It's nice to share:

We’ve been astonished and thrilled by how popular the Answer The Public website has become. All around the world people are using it to create better content and marketing, because they can actually answer the needs and queries of real people. And there barely seems a week when someone isn’t standing up in front of a crowd and featuring the man who has become the face of Answer The Public – The Seeker.


As a part of the book we’re writing about Answer The Public we thought it might be fun to bring The Seeker, the man himself, to life a little more. Who is he? Where does he come from? Is he an actor? Where does he live? Where does he buy his knitwear? All of these questions (and more) will be answered (well,sort of) in Chapter 8 of our book ‘Mind Reading Marketing’, which is available as a digital download or as a hard copy.


The film that we shot in Tokyo, nearly two years ago now, was a simple introduction to how a more ‘inspiring search’ mindset could brands and organisations to out think their competitors. But it also made the point that we have a duty to the public to create great experiences and content that entertain, enlighten or inspire. And because we wanted to talk about search marketign in a slightly more inspiring way we enlisted the help of a film maker and a charismatic actor.



Or did we? Perhaps The Seeker was always in existence and we merely channeled his presence as a motif for the serendipity and possibility of what could be found in search. As we explored the back story to the seeker we found out that there was a far more amazing story to the individual – one that would be impossible to film or tell in a conventional way.


That’s where the amazing and very talented manga artist, Inko, came in. Hailing from Kyoto, but living in Brighton, she became the perfect partner to investigate the back story of The Seeker. And Inko quickly identified that The Seeker was a force for good. In having the very great power to understand how people are navigating their world, through search queries, we have the equally great responsibility to use our knowledge for good. We are apparently living in the ‘post truth era’ of media, and the furore of ‘fake news’ is on the lips of everyone – from the most powerful man in the world to the one man blogger. Like Propellernet, The Seeker’s mission is to serve information which empowers and makes life better for the public. How he became The Seeker will be revealed in the upcoming manga comic… Watch this space!