Georgie Monaghan

Georgie Monaghan

Sales & Marketing Director


Georgie describes her career journey as “a bit bonkers”. She began in the extreme sports and military markets before moving to head up Marketing for one of the UK’s largest digital marketing agencies. She then jumped brand side, working with pro sports teams across F1, Yatching and National Governing Bodies. Now back agency side she’s excited to take all those hand-on experiences forward to help support our clients and see them grow.

Outside of work, she’s making the most of her own family adventure, having escaped the rat race to the wilds of rural North Devon last year. “Most people thought we were mad to be moving 250 miles away from our jobs, but the right companies understand that you can work from anywhere, and the balance it’s given us in our lives to be able to focus on work, yet still be there for our young boys is amazing – oh, and we’ve got ducks.”