Abi Bennetts

Digital PR Manager


Abi started her journey in digital PR by luck, after a post-university digital marketing internship in 2018 introduced her to the wonderful world of SEO. Having worked in multiple digital PR agencies since, Abi is passionate about landing top-tier links and coverage for clients.

With over three years of experience under her belt and having gained a BSc Psychology degree, Abi also loves exploring how we can use psychological theories to improve our digital PR practices, and has spoken about this topic to audiences at conferences including brightonSEO and the Digital PR Summit.

Abi also enjoys creating a multitude of exciting stories in sectors or industries which aren’t traditionally perceived as ‘exciting’ and believes that a story that can be created from anything – you’ve just got to find the hook.

Outside of work, Abi loves to sing and has been a member of choirs and musical theatre groups since she was young. Her claim to fame was working as a backup singer in the X Factor finals and meeting her celeb crush Dermot O’Leary, but these days you’ll find her hitting up the local pub’s karaoke night instead.

In a work context, Abi is extremely proud of her digital PR newsletter Work in Progress which has over 600 subscribers to date. In her personal life, Abi is most proud of qualifying as a certified life coach and intends to continue her love and knowledge of all things all personal development, alongside her work in digital PR.