SEO Strategy & Planning

Every business wants their website to be found, but it’s equally important to know what you want it to be found for, and who you want to find it. Then you can build an SEO strategy that gets the best possible results.

Our SEO consultants and our planning team will work closely with you to build an accurate picture of your audiences, analysing search behaviours and opportunities to ensure we’re focusing our efforts in the most effective areas. This allows us to ensure that content we create, queries we optimise for, and decisions we make are all focused on the right audience, and with the right goals in mind.

Combining this data with the objectives of your business, we identify the most important KPIs for the customer. We then benchmark these metrics so that we can measure the impact of our strategy as it is rolled out, reviewing results and making any necessary revisions. We will also work with you to ensure that your SEO strategy is integrated with your other marketing channels.

Our approach

We have a comprehensive approach to SEO strategy for each of our clients, which covers:

  • Technical foundations – is the site technically optimised, and easily crawled and indexed by search engines?
  • Audience insights – what are the most valuable types of visitor to your website and how do you attract more of them?
  • Search behaviour analysis – how does your audience search for what you’re offering, and what does this tell us about them?
  • Content – what content is likely to meet your audience’s needs?
  • Links – how do we ensure activity is driving links from high quality, relevant websites?

What will you receive?

We will partner with you to develop an effective strategy for SEO, ensuring our ongoing work achieves the best possible results and not only increases organic search visits to your website but that these visitors are those most likely to become valued customers.

SEO Strategy & Planning team