Digital Marketing Training

Increase your team's knowledge and skills

Want to build the digital marketing skills of your in-house team? Propellernet can help.

We train client teams in SEO, paid media, content and digital PR so that you can deliver effective work, efficient spend and stronger department integration in-house.

Our customised training is for both individuals and groups, with formats including practical workshops, one-to-one mentoring and onsite consultancy. We can help your people with everything from learning the fundamentals of digital marketing, to mastering new skills, to developing real expertise through deep-dive sessions.

Examples of training we’ve delivered includes:

SEO: From website optimisation basics, through to the intricacies of keyword research and guidance on the best tools to use for tracking and measurement, including Google Analytics and Tag Manager

Content: We offer SEO best practice training to content teams, as well as training to help content teams use Google search data to ensure editorial calendars are planned against commercial and customer insights.

Paid Media: We offer fundamental to advanced media training, helping marketers to think strategically, and implement effectively across paid search, shopping and social channels.

PR: We’ve worked with major brands to help their increase their PR team’s digital skills, running training sessions and providing ongoing consultancy and mentoring on topics from advanced link-building strategies to tangible metrics and KPIs.

But we’re not limited to the above – if you feel your team or business has some knowledge gaps, get in touch at or 01273 760950 and we can work out a tailored session, workshop or consulting to help your business grow.