Saluting the Commuter


October 5, 2017

Having escaped the claustrophobic, smog filled air of Shoreditch five years ago for a job here in Brighton at Propellernet, I know first-hand that this is a great city to work in.


I spent two and half years of my 15-year career in London commuting from Brighton. A number of my colleagues have done the same, believing as I did, that it was necessary to be in London for the sake of progressing their careers. The reality is that if you want a better life-work balance but also want to progress professionally, you really can have both. Unbeknown to many people catching a train to the capital as the sun comes up, there are some great companies on their doorstep.


We know how tough the commute can be and we take our hats off to people doing it.
But we also want to offer an escape route to those that are fed up with daily slog.
So we teamed up with Brighton rapper Professor Elemental to make a music video promoting, in the Professor’s own unique way, the benefits of ditching the commute and coming to work in Brighton.


Behind the Scenes


Paul Alborough aka Professor Elemental, is one of the nicest, most collaborative people that I’ve ever worked with. A beautifully eccentric, humble, hugely talented and unbelievably hard grafting lyricist and performer, Paul nailed the brief for Salute at the first attempt. He got that we didn’t want the song or video to be an advert for Propellernet, rather a Professor Elemental music video that genuinely salutes commuters and bigs up Brighton as a great place to work (while having a little dig at our favourite train company!).



The song was written by Paul in a couple of days. The demo sounded great but needed a lift and a bit of dynamic at the chorus break. Paul took that feedback on board, introduced a piano part and brought in the brilliant Ella Jean on vocals to provide the catchy chorus line, with the excellent Tom Caruana producing.


The video was shot over two afternoons with a lot of help from my always up-for-it colleagues at Propellernet who feature as commuters (and a zombie!).
Behind the camera was Director of Photography and my co-Director, Alan Stockdale from Foundlight Productions. The video was shot on a Sony A7Sii with a Rode top mic for picking up audio to sync the track to. A zoom lens was used to provide crash zooms for adding energy to the shots.


Watch the video on our careers page and if you like what you hear you can download the full song from Professor Elementals website for free, here. If you know someone doing the daily commute then why not send it to them!

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