Nine By Nine


December 20, 2018

If you’ve walked into or past Propellernet HQ recently, you may have noticed our new window display. We decided it was time for a change, so it was out with our Punch and Judy stage and hello to a set of art prints!


We’ve had a few people buzz through asking if they can access the art gallery upstairs in the last couple of weeks but no, we haven’t introduced a new arm to Propellernet. The prints instead come from Nine By Nine, a business I set up with my partner as a ‘side hustle’ in March this year.


As a proud member of team creative at Propellernet, my role is really varied but one of the briefs I most look forward to landing on my desk is an illustrator brief – finding the right person for a new project and working with them to bring the idea to life. The more research I started doing to find the right illustrators, the more I realised how difficult it can be to discover unrepresented artists. I decided I wanted to start a project where I could work with illustrators on a daily basis and create a platform to showcase their work whilst offering people the chance to own affordable, limited edition art prints.



In March this year we launched Nine By Nine, with the idea of keeping the online gallery small and selective so artists get the spotlight for a full month. At the end of each month, nine new prints by nine new artists are introduced. We feature a full profile of each artist on the site, with photos of them at work and updates of the new prints in progress. Our artists also receive 25% commission on every print we sell, making it a joint venture with creatives from all over the world.


Since launching nine months ago, we’ve been featured in Stylist magazine, Ideal Home, Sloan magazine and Christmas at Home, we’ve worked with over 81 talented artists from all over the world, we’ve partnered with one of Brighton’s top nail bars to design nail art inspired by our prints, we’ve hosted a stall at Spitalfields market and we’ve sold to an international football player!


Our journey so far has been a huge learning curve, it’s pushed me to try my hand at PR, grow a following on social media, learn how to manage finances, work with manufactures and of course build a network of incredible creatives. All of these things have really enhanced my role here at Propellernet and made me a more rounded creative.


As you may already know, Propellernet prides itself on supporting people with ideas, ambitions and side hustles, and Nine By Nine has gone from strength to strength this year with the support of my wonderful colleagues. From flexible working to client collaborations and now our window display, it’s been so refreshing to be able to balance to the two and enhance one with the other.


If you’re interested in any of the prints in our window display, or want to see more, check out our website and use the code: PROP15 to get 15% off.

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