Tech SEO Consultant, Tamar is happiest when faced with an open road - or a jump with her pony!

Tamar’s career started in a design and marketing agency. “It gave me a strong foundation in everything from graphics and web to account management.” A hop over to client-side led to a rewarding five years building a B2B tech company’s marketing from the ground up. But now she’s back agency-side as an SEO consultant here at Propellernet.

Tamar loves to travel. “Stepping off a plane, picking up a hire car and disappearing for a few weeks is the most magical feeling in the world. There’s so much beauty out there on open roads. It’s the ultimate feeling of freedom.”

She’s also made a recent return to horse riding. “I rode as a child for a decade. Adult life got in the way, but a few years ago I found a wonderful local stable. Spending time with animals combined with the exhilarating feeling of launching your pony over a jump is one I’m so happy to have got back.”