Account Director and people person, Poppie champions mental health for new mothers

Poppie started out at the agency responsible for launching websites, back in the day! “While I worked there social media became a huge PR tool and this sparked my interest in the digital aspect of marketing. Since then I’ve grown and moved around, honing my skills in all things digital to get to where I am now – at Propellernet as an account director!”

Outside of Propellernet, Poppie runs a mental health support group for new mothers called Wyld Mothers Fire. “I founded it when my own son was born. We meet outside against the backdrop of nature, around a warming fire that we spark using traditional flint and steel.”

Poppie finds the group immensely rewarding. “I feel like we make a difference in women’s lives. We’ve been successful in getting community funding twice and have plans to set up in new communities. It makes me feel I’m giving something back after my own experience and that I can help people in their own journeys.”