For his role as Account Director, country bumpkin Kieran trades his rural life for the digital world

Account Director Kieran’s path to marketing was as unexpected as it was fortuitous. Originally aspiring to be a film producer, his journey took a pivotal turn following an internship at Beats, where he discovered his talent and passion for marketing. With responsibilities spanning commercial ownership and strategic development across multiple client accounts, Kieran’s role is critical in shaping the success of our clients’ campaigns.


His expertise in digital marketing—from SEO to Digital PR—combined with his knack for fostering strong client relationships, drives the kind of results that make a tangible difference. Away from the demands of the office, Kieran is is a family man, cherishing time spent with his wife, children, and dog. Whether it’s a leisurely walk with in the Sussex countryside or simply enjoying quality time with his loved one, these moments are Kieran’s true source of joy and motivation. His goal to be the best dad in the world parallels the dedication and genuine care he brings to his life at Propellernet.