Being sales and marketing director at Propellernet is Georgie’s dream job

An exciting mix of brand and agency-side roles allowed Georgie to travel the world. But now she’s back doing what she loves best. “Propellernet lets me support ambitious brands as they grow in a sustainable way. Plus I get to work with amazing people.”

Away from work, Georgie loves being outside as much as possible; whether this is playing netball for her local village team (COME ON YOU BEES!); adventuring on Dartmoor with her two young boys or being immersed in the Atlantic.

About three years ago Georgie and her family made the decision to become as self-sufficient as possible, growing and rearing their own food. It’s not been easy though. “It has been a steep learning curve and really hard work. I definitely value food and produce in a completely new way. To see the boys charging barefoot around the veggie patch treating it as their own personal buffet, or getting hands-on with the animals makes it all worthwhile – it’s taught us all valuable new skills and is great to be able to enjoy as a family.”