Is the future in the eye of the beholder or the maker?

Nikki Gatenby

April 9, 2018

 Little girl with tech project

If some of the more pessimistic futurologists are to be believed, we’ll be up a certain creek without a paddle in a couple of decade’s time. We’ll have no choice but to accept that robots will have taken all our jobs and we’ll be living in dystopian future with no way out. Paddle or not.


What would you like our world to look like in 2040? One where we’re focused on tackling some of the big problems we have on this planet, where we’re finding solutions we never knew were possible and where we’re creating purposeful new jobs? Here at Propellernet, we do, that’s why we’ve used VR to engage local children in the latest immersive technologies, and it’s why we’re supporting MakerClub and all the amazing opportunities they are creating for all of our futures.


Declan Cassidy and Simon Riley are the powerhouses behind MakerClub and the #Brightfutures programme. They are planning on giving over 800 local children from low income families the chance to embrace the future, through giving them access to hands-on technology including coding, engineering and design thinking skills. Their ambition is to implement the MakerClub approach in every Primary school in Brighton and Hove by September 2019.


MakerClub is focused on solving some of the highest level goals to contribute to the United Nations 17 point Sustainable Development Goals, at a grassroots level. And it’s pretty impressive stuff. Highlights of the children’s work include creations such as prototypes to combat air pollution, designing accessible smart playgrounds for cities of the future and plans for how we can improve lives through food sharing.


Declan is literally putting the future in the hands of those who should be shaping it.  Asking questions such as, “where will Brighton be by 2040?”, “What will the world of work look like?”, “What skills will young people need to learn today to make sure they are a success in the future?” And, “how do we connect the dots to make sure school, personal experience and the world of work all fit together effortlessly?”. This is what #Brightfutures is all about.


Here at Propellernet, we’re playing a part in sponsoring the programme, alongside a whole host of other local businesses* and we’re here to spread the word.


So, do what you can to support MakerClub and all the amazing opportunities for our future (simply get in touch with Declan and he’ll let you know how). If not for yourself, do it for the next generation of entrepreneurs, creators, coders and makers.


That, or we’re going to need a bigger paddle.


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Children presenting a science project

Photo credits Chris Quigley Photography


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