Introducing The Seeker

By Prop Admin

15 September 2015

It's nice to share:

A glorious view along the Thames from the Deck at the National Theatre provided the perfect backdrop to an evening to remember as we shared where we are heading as an agency (and where we believe search should be heading) with our clients.


It was time to introduce them to Inspiring Search and (via video) The Seeker.


Search was (a long, long time ago) about reacting to Google’s algorithm. About five years ago we decided to combine our strength in technical SEO with (ahead of the market) a focus on securing the trust of influencers to enable us to earn (rather than buy) editorial coverage and links. We called our approach Authentic Search and it helped us to win some fantastic clients and industry recognition.


We believe it’s time to move things forward again. We believe it’s time for Inspiring Search; search marketing founded on creative ideas that inspire people and not just influencers. Inspiring Search is about igniting the social graph to power search success; it’s about being top of search and front of mind.


So, who is The Seeker and where does he fit in?


Well, he is our spritely metaphor for the world we live in and the inherently human need to search; the fact that we are searching for something, be it products, services, or simply inspiration, and the feeling that isn’t it wonderful when someone or something helps us.


He tells the story of searching and finding (and, importantly for our clients, being found in a way that no block of prose could). He injects energy into our ideas and brings our story to life.


To use his words: “It’s not about outspending your competitors, it’s about outthinking them. Have good ideas. Entertain. Be useful. Don’t get tricksy; be inspiring. And you’ll be found.”


We’ve been looking forward to Scene 2 (the public launch of this, our new website, and The Seeker) since the client event; it would be great to hear what you think about our new direction.


In the meantime, thanks to the 50 or so clients who joined us on the night, particularly those of them that were called up by illusionist extraordinaire, Scott Smith, the perfect man to demonstrate the power of inspiration:


“Tuesday night was great, even if the illusionist felt my beard wasn’t as good as the seekers… A slap of ‘must try harder’ reality. I’ve been telling the story of the last trick he did. Which I guess is mission accomplished from your side; customer inspired enough to tell the story.”
Mark Fleming, Kuoni


“I wanted to thank you for a lovely evening, it was inspirational! It’s been an incredible journey that we’ve been on together over the last few years, thanks for helping us get to where we are today.”
Ginal Patel, M&S