FOUND | 3rd May | Tales of an Optimistic Pessimist


May 8, 2018

Simon Vaughan struggles to explain what he does for a living. But what he does is incredible. We’ve had some sensational people from all walks of life come to share their stories at Found. For our last event before a summer break, we finally managed to persuade the guy that was one of our main inspirations for starting Found in the first place to finally come and talk.


Simon says he’s winging it (aren’t we all?!) but he’s a winger’s winger. By that I mean he’s a master blagger that does the blagging to set up the doing – and my god does this guy do.


‘Winging it’ seems a criminal way to describe a 21st Century renaissance man who has his talented fingers in so many creative pies it makes us other ‘wingers’ look, well, pretty lame. From Arts Curator of Shangri-La at Glastonbury, to Culture Consultant putting on shows at the V&A and making Twitter look cool, to his most recent role as a senior producer behind the stunning Project 84 for male suicide charity CALM, Simon is a journeyman, super-connector, arts consultant, production director and creator in his own right.



He’s also a proud new dad and you could sense from the beam on his face that his daughter is his true arrival moment, his “greatest creation”.  It was a great way to begin his talk. Fatherhood is a role that he says will now define him and help shape a better work-life balance. As Simon shares his almost unbelievable story you wonder how this guy, just 40, has done so much cool and crazy stuff. I don’t want to drop too many spoilers in case you want to have a listen for yourself (via the link below) but his adventures include “more failed businesses that he can remember”, a stint living with Shamans living in the Amazon jungle and herding goats while hanging out with the Dalai Lama.



We really did have to twist Simons arm to speak at Found. He’s a fantastic host but he hates talking about himself (he may be a master winger but he’s an incredibly humble one). In fact, financially, he says that has been one of his biggest challenges. Simon’s passion and genuine love for the work and the creatives that he helps along the way means that he often puts others’ interests first – a lovely trait but one that can bite your leg when it comes to paying the bills….and now buying nappies.

With his contacts, experience and pure talent for making the seemingly impossible possible, it’s not hard to envisage that he will at some point be able to earn a great living out of all this.


We have worked with Simon first hand. He booked our Red Stars project for Glastonbury last year leading to some incredible opportunities for us, he’s been instrumental in connecting our Crafted Can project to the arts community and he’s just hooked us up with an amazing artist for our Heartwork brand campaign with Evans Cycles. He is a very talented gun for hire and a genuinely amazing guy to collaborate with – look him up!


Listen to Simon’s talk on Soundcloud:


What’s Your Story?

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FOUND returns with a new quarterly format in September 2018

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