Campaigning for Best Places to Work in Marcomms

Nikki Gatenby

July 7, 2017

We love our industry, we are so privileged to work in this innovative and creative way, trailblazing with new ideas, experimenting with how to make people’s lives more interesting and engaging in the digital world.


But we also have things to fix.


Sometimes you’d think we were still in the industrial age with the way some people are treated in this industry in the name of work. Work, work, work and more work, with the badge of honour of being ‘busy’ that many are forced to wear.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the results of squeezing more and more out of tired people isn’t going to light anyone’s fire.  Instead, creating freedom and an environment for coming up with the best idea might just light up the world.


So we are delighted to see that Campaign are shining a light on the way we work in this wonderful industry, by launching their Best Places to Work survey. No we’re not on the payroll, but we do have quite a lot to say on this subject – have a read of Suzy Bashford’s feature to find out more

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