April Crackers: The campaigns we loved last month

Sophie Coley

May 3, 2018

We share so much great stuff internally; our Slack channel is awash with inspirational campaigns and brain-expanding trends and insights, on a daily basis. So, I thought it was about time that we shared some of our favourite discoveries – beyond our Castle Square abode. Here’s what we loved last month…

  1. Beano sends cease-and-desist letter to Jacob Rees-Mogg asking him to stop masquerading as one of their characters


Our analyst, Joe shared this corker at the start of the month. What better way for a brand to get some press than by joining in with some gentle ribbing of a questionable authority figure?! Beano is such a well-loved brand, of course, that they perhaps had a bit more licence to adopt a cheeky tone but the resemblance is uncanny; it has to be said! Bravo to Beano for getting national coverage and huge social engagement with such a fun story.


  1. adidas to create 30,000 personalized videos for Boston Marathon runners


This story impressed me because of the sheer scale of the campaign it references. I’ve long been a believer that we’re all a bit self-centred and therefore content that puts us at its heart, with some kind of personalisation, will always perform well. I also bow down to anyone who completes a marathon so those Boston runners are a hugely deserving audience for adidas’ mammoth content project!


  1. Disney: X-Ray story



My inner-child loved this as much as my marketer-self. A super-clever campaign from BBDO Dublin, Disney Ireland and the National Children’s Hospital, who used x-rays of Toy Story characters to reassure children who need an x-ray themselves. Striking imagery and bang on for the target audience; parents and children alike! Very clever stuff.


  1. How do you market Something as Boring as an Escalator? Make a VR Experience of Course


This one was shared by Laura (aka Wilky) and piqued my interest with the ‘B’ word. I’m sure most marketers will admit to feeling frustrations around working with brands from less-than-sexy industries from time-to-time, but elevator company KONE have proved that ‘boring’ products can inspire great creativity with their VR campaign.


  1. Vice begins LikeWhatYouHate tool – Scandinavia




Daring as-ever stuff from always-ballsy Vice. Their LikeWhatYouHate campaign implored people to mess with Facebook’s algorithms by liking the content that they didn’t like. A very smart campaign, launched at the perfect time given the recent news agenda. In fact, they likely planned it in response – and if that’s the case, then bravo to them for being able to generate such a smart piece of work and get it off the ground before the majority of buzz around Facebook privacy died down.


  1. Coach Dating – Black Mirror, Netflix


I missed this campaign when it launched back in February but Distilled’s blog opened my eyes to it and I’m so glad it did. I was among the many who went crazy for the latest series of Black Mirror and the Hang The DJ episode was undoubtedly my favourite; the concept of the lifetime of our relationships being pre-determined fascinated me, as did the episode’s hint at our over-reliance on data and external sources when it comes to dating. Bringing that concept to life for real people to play with was a really smart way to engage fans and was super shareable.


Our eyes and ears are wide open and eagerly awaiting great things from the marketing community in May. We’ll share more favourites next month!

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