6 Things Social Listening Taught Us About BrightonSEO

Laura Wilkins

May 1, 2018

BrightonSEO is a big deal in the digital marketing industry and not just for us Brightonians. The one-day, twice yearly event attracts top names in search, both as speakers and attendees, and the #BrightonSEO hashtag regularly trends on Twitter over the course of the day.





After being inspired by a recent Brandwatch Breakfast talk, we thought it might be fun to take a little look at social reactions to last Friday’s event, from both the day itself and over the weekend. Here’s six of our favourite learnings, discovered using the Brandwatch analytics tool:


  1. The buzz continued all weekend


The event was mentioned on social networks (mostly Twitter with some Instagram posts too) a whopping 7,760 times between Thursday 26th and lunchtime on Monday 30th April, by a total of 2,341 people.

While the Friday saw 5,973 mentions, buzz continued over the weekend with over 1,000 mentions on social across Saturday and Sunday – clearly the event made an impact and people took some time to process what they’d learned, sharing their thoughts over the weekend.


  1. Women connected less this year


While in general we saw more people tweeting than last year’s September event, we actually saw a drop in the proportion of women posting about the event – down from 41% to 38%. While this isn’t a huge drop, it does raise the question of whether there were less female attendees, or whether women just weren’t as vocal this year.


  1. News from the event travelled 20,000 miles


Tweets and Retweets came from all over the world, with an understandable majority in the UK, but a strong interest from countries including US, India, Taiwan, Australia and more. Stretching all the way to New Zealand nearly 20,000 miles away, it’s great to see both the topics and event resonating across the globe.



  1. Mobile-first was, predictably, one of the most popular topics


The most discussed topics on social tend to tie back to the key speakers and show some of the talks that really captured the interest of both attendees and those reviewing from home.  This year, the following topics really piqued interests on social:

With the importance of mobile optimisation at present, it’s no surprise that this is one of the topics that drew the most buzz, while Greg Gifford and Alexis Sanders’ slides have also proved particularly popular.


  1. Google’s John Muller was this year’s most talked about speaker


John Mueller at Brighton SEO



But it was a close call, with Greg Gifford drawing a lot of interest with his link building guide, complete with dozens of movie-referencing slides and more than a couple of cuss words.


Here we’ve highlighted the industry figures who drew the most buzz on social networks, with links to their slides (where available), should you be interested in finding out more:


  1. 340 mentions – John Mueller (@johnmu): KEYNOTE – Live Google Webmasters Hangout with John Mueller & Aleyda Solis
  2. 338 mentions – Greg Gifford (@greggifford): The Ray Stantz Guide to Real World Link Building
  3. 264 mentions – Steve Rayson (@steverayson): How Metrics and Data Drive Advocacy Effectiveness
  4. 263 mentions – Aleyda Solis (@aleyda): KEYNOTE – Live Google Webmasters Hangout with John Mueller & Aleyda Solis
  5. 234 mentions – Barry Adams (@badams): Technical SEO in the Mobile First Indexing Era
  6. 174 mentions – Craig Campbell (@craigcampbell03): Risks and Rewards of PBNs

6. The emojis say it all


Of course, the emojis used throughout the event gave a clear indication to the kind of sentiment being expressed. So, thumbs up, high fives and big tens for these self-professed geeks – the event drew smiles, big ticks and… well, plenty of beer.

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