5 days in the life of our work experience students

Jo Humphreys

June 26, 2018

Last week we had two lovely students from PACA working with us for a week. At Propellernet, we’ve taken work experience students from BACA and PACA for the past 3 years, and many of these have gone on to study or work in the digital sector. Having work experience students is a win-win for us. We know how valuable work experience can be for young peoples’ confidence and self-esteem as they enter the world of work; we love being able to offer those experiences to young people in our city, but we also learn so much from them too. It’s great for us to see the world through their eyes, and to get their fresh perspective on things. So, without further ado, I’ll pass you over to James and Tremaine, who would like to tell you all about their week here at Propellernet HQ:


James: Hi my name is James and between the 18th – 22nd of June I’ve had work experience here at Propellernet. I’m a double media student who has a great love for the entertainment side of media, from TV to music and games. I created the video below which is based around the idea that working at Propellernet will blow your mind!


Tremaine: “S’going on guys and gals?! I’m the other work experience-ee. Tremaine, who’s been working on a mind-blowing vid to promote the company and to promote doing what you love. I’m also a double media student with a huge love for music and films. One day I wish I could be involved in either industry. My spare time usually involves gaming and skateboarding. I created the video below with clips of some of the things I love doing.


Read more to find out what we got up to this week…


During the week at Propellernet we’ve encountered a bunch of incredible people. On our first day we were greeted by Jo, our mentor for the week, who gave us a warm welcome, a quick tour of the office and also treated us to a nice cup of hot chocolate… our first of many!  After that we met with Jules who gave us the run-down of the company in more detail and showed us some of their most recent work. Then we met The Main Man Mark and The Master of Creativity Corryn who together assemble the creative team and perform wonders. They showed us recent projects,  where we looked at a creative brief and the final outcome. Mark and Corryn also gave us some work to do over the coming days, which was to plan and create a short video to draw people in to Propellernet or into Brighton and Hove.


Answer The Public – search term: Playstation

At the end of our first day, we met Sophie, the wiz kid of insight, who told us about the insight work she does for the company. She showed us a tool called AnswerThePublic which was created by some of the team at Propellernet and introduced us to the seeker (you’ll spot him in the photo above!). Answer The Public lets you type in any word and it will show you a visual representation of all of the related search terms that people are typing into search engines. We had a lot of fun with this tool, and could see why it would be so useful to companies.


On days 2 & 3 we completed some pre-production tasks such as mind maps and storyboards for our videos, then we got on with filming.  We had a lot of leeway when it came to these tasks, and had our own space to plan and film where we could work at our own pace – this was exceedingly fast of course! The editing process took us a whole day, so it was a proper sesh filled with one too many mochas (which James felt the wrath of the next day – Will knows what we’re talking about).


On days 4 & 5 we received feedback on our first drafts of our videos and we were given the opportunity to rework our videos. We had meetings with some of the other teams at Propellernet. We learnt about paid advertising with Will (the young prodigy of Paid Ads). After that, we met with Robin to learn about SEO (Robin has been compared to somewhat of a god because of his SEO talents). The third and final meeting was with Richard ‘The Money Maker’ who taught us all about what the PR team do. It was great to see how all of the different teams link together, and to learn about their different roles and responsibilities.


We’d like to say a massive thanks to everyone at Propellernet for giving us this opportunity. It’s been great to work on something entertaining and exciting to create, and to have great fun whilst doing so. We’ve met lots of fantastic new people, and even though we haven’t had the time to meet you all, we can only imagine how great the rest of the team are!


If you’re interested in working at a digital marketing agency, why not check out Propellernet and see what they are all about?! You’ll get to do exciting work and to work with a great team of people.


And while you’re here, have a look at our videos below, which we planned, filmed and edited . They were inspired by Propellernet and Brighton & Hove.


Big love,


James (the Mochaholic) and Tremaine (the Master of RAD ADS)


By Tremaine

By James

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