Scream if you want to go faster

Three years ago we set ourselves the target of being the best place to work in the world.

You might think that's a pretty lofty ambition... but we’re making good progress.

The driver behind the ambition is to embrace the 'happiness advantage' and all the benefits that brings. Ultimately to create high impact work for our clients that builds their brands through delivering great results.

We’ve talked about our approach with various audiences, from the Brighton and Hove Chamber of Commerce (you can listen to my 15-minute podcast here) through to Conscious Business events and the feedback is always the same – people want to find out more, understand the drivers behind the business success and the ethos that drives what we do.

If that’s you, take a read of Jack’s Extreme Employee Innovation blog post where he encapsulates the big thinking, the challenges and impact.

Our health and wellbeing philosophy and our ambition to ‘make life better’ has stood us in good stead, to not only grow by over 25% year on year but also to weather the storms that all agencies have felt through the changing economic climate of the past few years.  To the point where we now find ourselves in June 2014, with lots to talk about.

It’s exactly a year since we were voted the Best Place to Work in the UK 2013 (small category) by the Great Place to Work Institute.

We were then selected in the top five medium businesses this year.

Not only were we recognised in the UK but also in Europe, being ranked the 25th best place to work in the Eurozone.

It's also a full year since we pulled our first dreamballs in celebration of being recognised for the way we do business.

The lucky pair whose dreams came true have spent much of June living it up in Brazil. (Shame about the England performance but you can’t have it all.)

Our Front Row Society also returned with an exclusive fashion influencer meet up last week, involving key bloggers from across the fashion industry and developing insights gathered from over 100 of fashions biggest names. We’ll shortly be releasing our ebook on insights from the inside.

And I’m delighted to say that all the hard work behind the scenes on our technology product is coming to launch; we have, this month, released as a silver bullet for PR agencies. It’s part of our crusade to stop bad SEO.  I’ll let the PerfectFit team share more of this in the future. Safe to say, it’s one of the most exciting developments we’ve had at Propellernet.

And there’s plenty coming up. 

You can hear Jack talking about making life better at the Spark the Change event on July 5.

In the meantime, feel free to pop in and see us. You may even want to take a ride in our waltzer in reception…

By Nikki Gatenby

30 June 2014