From dream balls to snowballs - a trip of a lifetime

You might have heard us mention "dream balls" and our "dream machine" before.

We've shared our dreams with Jack and Nikki - these are captured in dream balls, which go into our dream machine (a repurposed, old-fashioned sweet dispenser); when we hit a significant target a dream ball is drawn and we commit to helping that person's dream come true.

Well, I was lucky enough to win a “dream ball” at our Propellernet Christmas party in Chamonix!

I’d seen three colleagues win their dream on separate occasions (two are about to jet over to the World Cup in Brazil, while another rode across Africa on a motorbike) and as Propellernet founders Jack Hubbard and Jim Jensen walked into the dining room dressed as Father Christmas and Santa’s Helper on the last evening of our Chamonix trip promising another lucky employee the next dream ball, I thought back to the meeting where I casually shared my bucket list, and thought, “... It might actually be me this time”.  

And then my name was read out - I had won the chance to make my dream come true.  

First, I just jumped up and down for a while with insane excitement…

Then I thought long and hard about the specifics of my dream now that it was becoming a reality.

It dawned on me that it would be especially nice to share the experience with my family and even better to make it a celebration for my dad’s 60th birthday which was fast approaching.

My dad has always worked so hard and done so much for others. He is a real family man and loves travelling, adventure and the outdoors. It felt really satisfying to think I could finally give him something back.  

So I’ve just returned from the family holiday of a lifetime in Samoens, France, the freshest, most picturesque part of the French Alps (the French proudly describe it as one of their 'monuments historiques').

I took my family group of ten to enjoy the penultimate week of the ski season, which is the best of both worlds: skiing in the morning, and sun lounging and lake walking in the afternoon.  

We stayed with Absolute Alpine, a luxury chalet company who cater for those looking for that extra special something in their summer or winter adventure holiday. The chalet was extremely welcoming and we didn’t have to lift a finger at all, particularly during breakfast, lunch or dinner - we simply glanced over at the menu on the black board and waited happily for our next gourmet meal.

This meant we could spend even longer in the hot tub after an arduous (and often comical) day’s skiing. No complaints there!

Half of the group had skied before and half hadn’t, including my dad and my three-and-a-half year old daughter. We all had such a brilliant time but seeing my daughter tentatively slide down a green run with my husband at the start of the week and my dad race down a red run by the end of the week were my highlights.

I’m very grateful to work for a company which places so much importance on personal life goals as well as professional ones, and that the whole agency pulls together to support this. After all, we bring the whole person to work.  

The memories and fresh mountain air will stay with us forever. 

I’m looking forward to watching another colleagues’ dream unfold...

By Carla Butterfield

22 April 2014