New faces

As consumers, we are evolving how we interact and communicate as fast as technology will allow us. On an average day at the start of 2015 there were:

  • 3 billion 135 million, 800 thousand odd, give or take a few, internet users in the world
  • 180 billion emails sent today
  • A few billion google searches
  • Half a billion tweets
  • Not to mention all the advertising messages and unsolicited contact

We live in a world of unsolicited noise, where we need to compete for human attention in a world of increasing digital attachment.

So the question is, how are you going to compete? How are you going to capture the attention of those you want to talk to, not because you want them to but because you are inspiring?

Are you inspiring?

Brands that know how technology works and can connect with consumers to be inspiring, tell stories and capture imaginations, are the brands that will win out. And it takes a broad mix of skills to achieve world class results.

We have recently appointed four new people to our award winning team – for this very purpose;


Andy Mclane

Our Creative Director and resident chameleon. Working across agencies as diverse as BBH, Tequila, VCCP and Aqueduct, on brands such as Audi, Levis, Manchester City, Persil, Canon & Compare the Market,

Andy’s multi-award-winning career is about knowing what motivates people and then fluently engaging them in all media – pixels, ink and whatever comes next.

Anna Hardman

Our Head of PR, Anna has a decade of experience building award-winning PR and social campaigns for the likes of Shell, Johnnie Walker and Dove.

Creative ideas and great PR are so essential to great search outcomes.

Together with the team at Propellernet, Andy and Anna can capture your audiences imagination and inspire them with ideas.

Sam Zindel

Our Insight Director, Sam eats data for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Having worked with the likes of Apple, Barclays and Red Bull in search marketing, he has a rare talent in unlocking insight and communicating the meaning to inform strategy and make smarter decisions.

Sam’s insights are inarguable.

Simon Mustoe

Strategy Director Simon has worked in the search world for much of the last decade. He approaches strategy through the twin lenses of customer experience and brand communications. This helps us to create a strong strategic link between our clients’ search objectives and the PR and creative work that is required to achieve them.

The list of brands he has worked with is long and covers most sectors and includes Marks & Spencer, the Royal Shakespeare Company, STA Travel, More Than and Toyota.

With Google being the most competitive media space in the world, it’s imperative that your search marketing is strong. And with these new recruits at the helm, alongside our highly experienced technical, PR, creative and paid media specialists, we will help our clients navigate through to the top.

Inspiring search takes search impact to another level.

By Nikki Gatenby

07 July 2015