Propellernet - A Great Place To Work (Again)

Being listed as one of the top 10 places to work in the UK by the Great Place To Work Institute, three years in a row, is a BIG deal for us.

It’s a celebration of being a purpose-driven organisation, striving to Make Life Better for our people on a daily basis, so that they can bring their happiest, most creative and productive selves to the party every day.

What’s really uplifting is the ‘ripple effect’ that being a great place to work has on every part of our business. Not only are our team connecting and innovating in ways we never imagined but that ripple is more like a wave of positivity in terms of the impact it has on our clients’ businesses:

  • Because we’re a great place to work we’re enjoyed very low levels of staff turnover (less than 5%), which means that our clients have consistent points of contact and ever deepening relationships with the team here.
    Every agency works better in partnership with its clients and we’re reaping the rewards partnership brings.
  • We expect our people to be ‘Stunning Colleagues’ but also have a healthy disrespect for job descriptions, operating outside of them on a regular basis. It makes life more interesting and naturally broadens individual and collective horizons; we regularly review the shape and structure of our team, playing to people’s strengths and creating as much space as possible for them to grow, personally and professionally.
  • We live the viewpoint that you must case about people’s dreams. By creating an agency that encourages each person to lead a full life and follow their dreams, you can land a full roster of creative, innovative, award-winning talent; that makes everybody’s lives better.
    Our people’s dreams form part of our business plan; we’re making them come true and our bucket lists are growing.
  • With team happiness high, it’s no surprise that our clients are happy too. In fact, 95% of them say they would be extremely happy to recommend us to another person or organisation. A number already have.
  • The knock-on effect of this is that we’re not constantly pitching. We do pitch, don’t get me wrong, and it keeps us sharp in pressurized bursts; but not to the extent that it’s detrimental to our current clients and staff. Being in a situation where winning new business is the priority is not healthy for anyone. We’ve never had a ‘new customers come first’ approach and we certainly don’t talk about ‘second-tier clients’; we believe in doing great work full stop and that’s a bar we intend to keep high.
  • Clients are our priority so we structure ourselves around their businesses and not agency silos. We never talk about separate P&Ls (search, social, display etc.); the focus is on client impact and driving value through great relationships and high-quality work.
  • Our client retention rate is high but when one moves on we send them off with as much love and with as many fantastic results as possible.
  • We’re not in a race to ‘grow, grow, grow’ at the expense of everyone involved. Our adventure is not about piling on more and more clients and more and more staff. Managed growth that enables creativity and innovation are the foundations for a great place to work and that’s not going to change.
  • But who said the ‘more, more, more’ approach is the only way to scale. We’ve invested (without an external investor in sight) in developing technology products based on people’s needs and we now have people in more than 450 cities worldwide using our new SaaS product - - a tool that enables all marketers show off their hard earned media, beautifully. Check it out, it may just save you a shed load of time and make your work look even more amazing.

We’d like to thank the Great Place to Work Institute for recognising our approach and the value this approach drives for the agency and our clients alike. 

We will continue to strive to Make Life Better for our clients, their customers and our team, adding value to the purpose economy and innovating as we go.

Chic’s Nile Rodgers has said that ‘music without soul is just noise; we believe that ‘business without purpose is just admin’. Hopefully that’s music to your ears.

By Nikki Gatenby

15 May 2015