What we do

Inspiring Search

"It's not about outspending your competitors, it's about outthinking them.

"Have good ideas. Entertain. Be useful.

"Don't get tricksy.

"Be inspiring. And you'll be found."

The opportunity

Every day more than three-and-a-half billion searches take place on Google alone. And with those searches representing hundreds of billions of pounds of potential revenue an obvious question might be:

"What would it mean to my business if I could capture those searches?"

Being authentic

Once upon a time it might have been about tricking the algorithm but things have moved on.

That's been great for us because there's never been anything tricksy about what we do at Propellernet.

We're not about pulling the wool over Google's eyes or attempting to reverse-engineer algorithm updates.

Delivering success

We're here to connect brands to their customers. And make life better for everyone.

Over 12 years we've built up a reputation for delivering sustainable search and business success for clients in lots of different sectors.

First-mover advantage

We've thrived through the age of the algorithm and the era of the influencers.

We were one of the first agencies in the world to combine the power of PR with technical SEO excellence and it enabled us to deliver first-class results, smashing client targets and winning us multiple industry awards.

But we're always evolving and we're now directly connecting our clients to their audiences too.

Staying ahead

We're still at the top of our game when it comes to technical SEO, PR and paid media.

And we're still using the data and insight we get from search.

Only now these areas are powering our next evolution - to populate popular culture with ideas and experiences that exponentially increase exposure and awareness of our clients' brands.

We call it 'Inspiring Search'.

You might be interested in why we do it.


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