Our Team

What’s it like working with us?
We asked our team what inspires them about working here.

Gill Sheen

Account Director

Learning every day from the beautiful combination of geeks, innovators, boffins, grafters, visionary and inventive types who roam these here halls!

Lucy Browne

Resource Manager

Juggling multi coloured plates and making magic.

Daniel Pearson

SEO Consultant

Implementing high level SEO strategy defined by data & executed creatively whilst being supported to help the local community. Plus biscuits.

Mark Slade

Creative Consultant

Playing with friends to make sabre tooth tigers, predict the future, turn people into mannequins and break the speed of sound (in trainers).

Bryan West

Financial Controller

Watching something grow over a number of years, from a small back room business, to an international success.

Helen McLane

Account Director

Bringing unusual combinations of people together to create great things.

Tracey Woods

Office Manager

Everyone strives to make life better in every task, big or small. Being surrounded by friends where everyone is willing to help each other out.

Anna Hardman

Head of PR

Bright sparks who understand data, tiny ideas that take flight, tenacity, kindness, good humour, ballet dancers and marathon runners!

Andy McLane

Creative Director

Getting a text from a workmate at 9pm in the evening, with a picture of our work unexpectedly on a billboard in Times Square.

Jim Kirby

Paid Media Director

Using technology, data and creative in combination to reach people in a meaningful way to change behaviour. Basically mind control.

Nicola Cosens

Account Director

Seeing clients' fortunes turn upward with creative investment.

Stephen Baker

PR Director

People who maintain a childlike sense of wonder and don’t take things for granted, because absolutely anything can be an inspiration.

Nikki Gatenby

Managing Director

Freedom. Adventure. Creating futures. Challenging ourselves and expectations. It’s not ‘Why? It’s ‘Why not’? And laughter aplenty.

Florence Rust

People Manager

Keeping the wheels on the wagon so people can be creative.

Jim Jensen


Always saying yes and seeing where it takes you.

Hannah Ashley

PR Consultant

Beautiful sunsets, genuine creativity, infectiously positive & happy people, and those incredible moments when random people help each other.

Corryn Boyes

Creative Consultant

Taking risks and defying the conventional. Collaboration and creativity. Sea air and beach walks. Giving something back and not giving up!

Robin Fry

SEO Consultant

Weird enough to come up with brilliant ideas, brave enough to put them forward and nice enough to work as a team to make them reality.

Jack Hubbard


Snow. Mountains. Bruises. Dreams. People. Freedom. Words. Hops. Rhythm.

Gemma Cocker

Account Director

The work. The work. The work.

Daniel Coleman

SEO Consultant

Great people, great location, great work, great clients and a steady stream of tea!

Laura Wilkins

PR Consultant

The chance to work with some of the most fun, smart & curious minds in the biz, making life better from our creative castle by the sea.

Randip Dhesi

SEO Consultant

Learning from smart people. Being in a great environment where you can be yourself. Power ballads. 80s buddy cop movies.

Sam Zindel

Insight Director

Courage and conviction. Great artists and masters of a craft. Enthusiasm, integrity and an appreciation of the natural world.

Tuna Sarptunali

Accounts Assistant

A strong workplace culture that always puts people first.

Vinesh Mulji

Paid Media Consultant

Working with Will. He’s great.

Ed Lamb

Client Services Director

Compassion. Friendship. Collaboration. Dedication. Enthusiasm. Selflessness. Effort. Generosity. Expertise. Desire. Humour. Passion.

Naomi Hart


Every day is different and I never know what craziness we're going to be doing next.

Stephanie Finch

PR Consultant

Whether it’s hidden in the numbers or searching out inspiring people, it’s all about that moment when you know you’ve found a great story to share.

Louise Parker

PR Consultant

Doing something different nearly every day and calling it work.

Stefan Hull

Insight Director

The freedom to plot a route to personal and professional fulfilment while contributing to our collective sense of purpose and success.

Adam Aspland

Paid Media Consultant

Turning bright ideas into pound signs.

Nikolina Attwood

Paid Media Consultant

Brilliant, beautiful people who work hard and play hard. Their compassion, creativity and sense of fun knows no bounds.

Will Greeves

Paid Media Consultant

Having a job in line with my interests and feeling grateful that I'm excited waking up Monday mornings because of the people I work with.

Louise Greeves

Group Account Director

Having on the level client partnerships, being given space to learn, fun, adventure and working for a company that looks after its employees.

Naomi Chow

PR Consultant

Out of the box creative campaigns that shock and surprise the public and media alike.

Simon Collard

Finance Director

Allowing the numbers to give people the freedom they need to be creative.

James Sandford

Group Account Director

Fun, friendly people working together on cool, impactful projects for some lovely clients – my home from home.

Colin Differ

SEO Consultant

Helping to deliver exceptional campaigns steeped with insight and technical excellence with plenty of fun to celebrate.

Sophie Coley


The soul-baring, reassurance seeking, just plain random things people type into Google. Also sunshine, the seaside, safari (and other) adventures.

Simon Mustoe

Strategy Director

A place where work and self can co-exist in equal measure, where thinking is as important as acting, and compassion is as valued as determination.

Julie-Anne Darsley

Account Director

Feeling like we are making the World a slightly better place.

Andy Keetch

Group Account Director

Free coffee and donuts.

Hannah Harris

PR Director

Having a job where I can play and make things that entertain and make the world better.

Lauren Trangmar

Paid Media Consultant

Doing my bit for the community. Working with smart people, having autonomy and achieving a perfect work-life balance.