How we do it

It's great to win awards for being good to people

It's official... We're a Great Place To Work.

The Great Place To Work Institute has named us in the top ten UK workplaces for three years' running.

We recruit bright, passionate people and nurture them because our success - and our clients' success - depends on us having a team that is motivated to innovate through learning and sharing, a team that collaborates to deliver outstanding work and a genuine competitive advantage for our clients.

There's no point hiring amazing people and then shackling them; so, through freedom and democracy, we've focused on helping our people to be happy because we know that happy people are successful people and also because happy and successful people know how best to organise what we do to make our lives, the lives of our clients and the lives of our clients' customers even better.

It's closely linked to why we do what we do.

By empowering our people we've also been able to innovate in technology too.

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